Durham Nightline is funded by Durham Students Union, your donations and our own fundraising initiatives.

We are also supported by a wide variety of stakeholders across the university and college communities. 


We operate as a special-status student group within the Durham Students’ Union and are supported by a dedicated steering group within the SU structure.

Our executive committee, elected by our volunteers, oversees our policies, procedures and activities. The committee is led by our public-facing volunteers: the Co-ordinators, Publicity Officer and Training Officer.


We are an accredited member of the Nightline Association, a national charity supporting Nightlines at universities throughout the UK.

Find out more about the Nightline Association on their website, or view our accreditation certificate.


While our core funding is secure and our service is sustainable, we are keen to raise funds to continue to improve and expand our contribution to student wellbeing in Durham.

We organise frequent fundraising events throughout the year and at our publicity campaigns.


Our volunteers are all current Durham University students who become listeners with us after an in-depth training process. 

For more information about volunteer, visit the Volunteer tab.


Durham Nightline is over 50 years old, having been established by three Durham students in 1973. Since then, the organisation has been repeatedly recognised for its contribution to the wellbeing of Durham students.

Most recently, Nightline received the Durham Student Union’s 2024 Wellbeing Award.

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Durham Nightline maintains a number of internal and externally published policies and procedures. You can read some of our operational policies below.

Data Protection Policy

Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

Complaints Procedure

Media Engagement Policy

Safeguarding Policy